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Refugee Employment Programs


What employment and training programs are available for refugees?

Wisconsin offers three programs that help refugees prepare for, obtain, and maintain employment. These programs include the:

  • Social Services program;
  • Milwaukee Targeted Assistance Grant (TAG) program; and
  • Road to Livelihood program.


A worker at the local refugee resettlement agency meets with refugees to identify which program is appropriate and which services are needed.


What is the Social Services program?

The Social Services program is for refugees who have been in the United States 60 months or less. Some services may be available for refugees who have been in the United States longer than 60 months. The Social Services program offers many services to refugees, including:

  • English language training;
  • Social adjustment services, including emergency services and health-related services;
  • Interpretation services;
  • Citizenship and naturalization services; and
  • Job services.


What kinds of job services are available through the Social Services program?

Job services include:

  • Self-sufficiency planning;
  • Career assessments;
  • Job orientation;
  • Job development;
  • Job referrals;
  • Job placement; and
  • Post-employment follow-up.


What is the Milwaukee Targeted Assistance Grant?

The Milwaukee Targeted Assistance Grant (TAG) program is available to refugees who are living in Milwaukee and need more assistance to become employed or stay employed.


Who might be eligible for the Milwaukee TAG program?

The Milwaukee TAG program helps refugees who are:

  • Long-term cash assistance recipients;
  • Unemployed and not receiving cash assistance; or
  • Employed but in need of services to maintain employment.


What is the Road to Livelihood program?

The Road to Livelihood program helps refugees become self-sufficient through:

  • Employment;
  • Dual employment;
  • Increasing family income; and
  • Maintaining employment.


What services are offered through the Road to Livelihood program?

Services include:

  • Information and referral services;
  • Career advancement services;
  • Job retention services;
  • Cultural and job-related orientation;
  • Communication counseling;
  • Community relationship building;
  • Stress management counseling; and
  • Conflict resolution strategies.


Where is the Road to Livelihood program available?

The Road to Livelihood program is available outside of Milwaukee area and in regions with high secondary migration and refugee concentration.