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Child Welfare Data and Dashboard Resources

This page provides resources to child welfare professionals who may need assistance working with Microsoft Excel, locating help when accessing eWiSACWIS reports, or learning how to use dashboards or revised eWiSACWIS functionality.

Working With Microsoft Excel


These Webinars provide brief demonstrations on how to use Microsoft Excel and access eWiSACWIS reports

  1. Excel Layout and Tips (19 minutes)
    • Excel layout and terminology
    • Columns and rows (resizing, freezing panes, hiding and un-hiding)
    • Values (finding and replacing values, and retaining values)
  2. Access reports and locate resources within eWiSACWIS (19 minutes)
    • Available eWiSACWIS reports and dashboards
    • Where to find webinars and other guides
  3. Make a chart with Excel (17 minutes)
  4. Make a pivot table with Excel (10 minutes)

Excel Guide

Using The Workload Management Dashboard And Tools

The Workload Management Dashboard and Calendar/Task List provide workers, supervisors, and county managers with improved tools to understand and manage their caseload.


Workload Management Dashboard Guide

  • The Written Guide with screen shots
  • The 'About' button and 'Usage Tips' within each dashboard further describe the dashboard's content.

Locating Help When Using eWiSACWIS Reports

Frequently Used Child Welfare Reports

The WiSACWIS Frequently Used Child Welfare Report Guide provides a description of those Wisconsin Department of Children and Families Child Welfare reports used the most often.   It can help you determine which data reports you need, and how to find relevant data.

Functional Summaries

Most eWiSACWIS Reports have a ‘functional summary’ document providing definitions of each field (or column header), and each worksheet within the eWiSACWIS report. To obtain these documents:

  1. Login to eWiSACWIS and click on the ‘Reports - Scheduled and On-Demand’ hyperlink
  2. Click on the report name you would like to review
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the pop up screen, and click the 'View File' button, if available. The functional summary file will then be available for download.

eWiSACWIS Knowledge Web

Available within the eWiSACWIS desktop, the Knowledge Web consolidates links to several helpful eWiSACWIS guides including:
  • Quick Reference Guides display screen shots and descriptions of how to fill out eWiSACWIS information.
  • How-do-I… Guides provides refreshers on eWiSACWIS functions, such as CANS or Access.

Learn About Revised eWiSACWIS Functionality

These webinars describe and instruct on revised eWiSACWIS functions.


Permanency Planning (18 Minutes)
  • Streamlining permanency planning and documentation
  • Structured Case Notes
  • Immunizations