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Enhanced Case Management (ECM)


Enhanced Case Management (ECM) activities provide an opportunity to examine the employability plan, promote early attachment to the workforce, provide career advising, and design effective post employment strategies. The PTT promotes a strength-based approach to case management. ECM courses provide training in strategies necessary to assist participants in building on individual strengths.

ECM Equivalency/Waiver Requests

What is an ECM Equivalency/Waiver?

The Bureau of Working Families (BWF) recognizes that local W-2 Contractors routinely provide their workers with ongoing professional development. To recognize local expertise, PTT awards ECM equivalency and waivers to local agency training efforts.

What information must I provide PTT?

In order to award a W-2 Contractor with an ECM equivalency for agency training efforts that meet ECM intent, agencies must provide PTT with the title of the learning experience, a brief program description, the presenter's name, the number of hours in training, the learning objectives, and the date of the activity.

PTT will waive ECM requirements to local workers engaged in educational programs that provide expertise in case management processes. In order to get a waiver, agencies must provide PTT with the worker’s name, a program description, and the number of hours the agency would like waived.


Who do I contact to request an ECM Equivalency or Waiver?

To request an ECM equivalency or a waiver, W-2 Contractors must email or USPS mail the request with the supporting documentation to:

David Turk
Email:  ptttrainingsupp@wisconsin.gov

1013 N Central Ave
Richland Center, WI 53581

Whenever possible, send your request at least two weeks before the training event. This allows turnaround time for your request to be reviewed, and results returned to you prior to the event.