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Brighter Futures Initiative Programs

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State BFI Coordinator

Name: Emily Tofte

Phone: (608) 422-6993

Email: Emily.Tofte@wisconsin.gov

Website: dcf.wi.gov/brighterfutures

Barron County

Name: Heidi Good

Phone: (715) 537‐6115

Email: heidi.good@co.barron.wi.us

Website: https://www.barroncountywi.gov/

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/brighterfuturesinitiative/

Diverse & Resilient

Name: Gerry Coon

Phone: (414) 390‐0444

Email: gcoon@diverseandresilient.org

Website: http://www.diverseandresilient.org

Kenosha County Human Services

Name: Donna Rhodes

Phone: (262) 605‐6528

Email: donna.rhodes@kenoshacounty.org

Website: http://co.kenosha.wi.us/242/Brighter-Futures-Initiative

La Causa Crisis Nursery and Respite Center

Name: Karl Schoendorf

Phone: (414) 647‐5990

Email: karls@lacausa.org

Website: http://www.lacausa.org/programs/crisis-nursery-and-respite-center

Milwaukee County (Community Advocates)

Name: Elysse Chay Wageman

Phone: (414) 270‐6936

Email: EChay@CommunityAdvocates.net

Website: http://ppi.communityadvocates.net/prevention_services/milwaukee_brighter_futures_initiative/

Outagamie County

Name: Heather Lawrence

Phone: (920) 832‐4915

Email: heather.lawrence@outagamie.org


Red Cliff Family and Human Service Division

Name: Rebecca Benton

Phone: (715) 779‐3706 ext. 1272

Email: RBenton@redcliff-nsn.gov

Website: http://redcliff‐nsn.gov

Washington County

Name: Sandy Hoefert

Phone: (262) 335‐4639

Email: sandy.hoefert@co.washington.wi.us

Website: http://www.co.washington.wi.us/


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