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Refugee School Impact Program


What is the Refugee School Impact Program?

The Refugee School Impact Program helps refugee children ages 5 – 18 succeed in school. This program also helps refugee parents understand the school system and provide the support their children need to succeed.


What activities does the Refugee School Impact Program provide?

The Refugee School Impact Program provides:

  • Culture-specific and language appropriate materials, such as special assignments or activities for refugee children;
  • Translation and Interpretation Services for families during school activities;
  • Flexible tutoring times during and outside of school hours, including after-school classes, weekend tutorials, and online assistance;
  • Cultural orientation;
  • School orientation, including refugee parent/teacher meetings;
  • Programs that help refugee youth adjust to American school systems, including English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, mentoring, group activities, and support to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth; and
  • Specific support for measurable classroom performance, including completing homework on a timely basis, improving grades, and achieving high school graduation.


How does the Refugee School Impact Program partner with other refugee service providers?

The Refugee School Impact Program ensures that refugee families are connected with:

  • Local refugee resettlement agencies;
  • State school officials;
  • Health and mental health providers;
  • Community-based organizations;
  • Faith-based organizations; and
  • Other local service providers.