2023-2028 Strategic Planning

For the remainder of 2022, DMCPS, in collaboration with the Bureau of Performance Management, and with input from internal and external stakeholders, will create a 2023-2028 Strategic Plan. This plan will also be created through the collaborative efforts of Strategic Planning Leads from each section in DMCPS:

Office/Bureau/Section       Lead
  AO   Bridget Chybowski
  Lilia Figueroa
  AO/Access   Matt Brees
  AO/Ongoing   Kimberly Schweitzer
  AO/Med/Behavioral   Nancy Kasun
  AO/Prof. Development   Nicole Fischer
  IAB/IA   Kayla Isabell
  Dana Riesterer
  Katie Schwanz
  Vianney Gaines
  QOB/Administrative   Holly Akinsanya
  QOB/QIS   Clint Herbert


These Leads will be representatives of each area of the Division, ensuring that we use a balanced ‘top-down’/’bottom-up’ approach. It is crucial that this strategic plan includes employee voice and reflects the hard work being done throughout DMCPS.

The strategic planning process follows a phased approach, where we will assess a wide variety of information on our current state, strategize using this information to develop our goals, define how we measure our progress, and align our plans with others to ensure we are contributing to the department’s mission. 

Check back for updates on the strategic plan!