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Rehab Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Will rehabilitation review approval ensure that a person will be hired by, receive permission to live at, or be granted regulatory approval by a DCF regulated entity?

No. Rehabilitation approval does not ensure that the approved person will receive a license, certification, employment, contracts or permission to reside at the regulated entity. It only lifts the bar so that the individual may be considered like any other person.

What is a rehabilitation review and how does a person request one?

A person is barred from getting a license, certification, employment, contracts or permission to reside at certain DCF regulated entities if the person has committed certain crimes, acts or offenses. A rehabilitation review approval can remove the bar. Anyone wanting a rehabilitation review must follow the directions on the Rehabilitation Review Application found on the DCF website. Applicants may also request an application by contacting the Rehabilitation Review Coordinator at 608-422-7041

Does a previous rehabilitation review approval mean that the bar no longer applies?

Not necessarily. February 1, 2010, a permanent bar was added to several crimes. If a person had a rehabilitation review approval before February 1, 2010, the approval no longer applies if they were convicted of a crime that now carries a permanent bar. The person is barred regardless of whether a rehabilitation review approval was issued before February 1, 2010.

What happens if a person commits a new crime or offense?

The person will need to go through the rehabilitation review process again to remove the bar if they have committed certain crimes, acts or offenses covered by The Caregiver Law  

How do I know if I have a barred offense?

Child Care Barred Offense Table

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