Civil Rights Compliance (CRC) Census Data Dashboard

Local agencies receiving federal financial assistance from the Department of Children and Families (DCF) must complete a Civil Rights Compliance (CRC) Plan. The CRC Plan helps to ensure services are delivered in a nondiscriminatory manner, including providing access to individuals with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and individual with disabilities. 

As a required part of the CRC Plan, agencies need to complete Customer Service Populations Analysis (CSPA) and Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Data Analysis Charts. These charts facilitate comparisons between the "Potentially Eligible Population" and the "Population Served," so agencies can review accessibility of individual program services and determine whether there are barriers prohibiting protected groups from participating.

To assist agency use of Census data for the data analysis charts, DCF has automated this process and made the data easily available to local agencies for the 2022-2025 CRC Plan Period. Agencies can access this information through a data dashboard using the link below.

Instruction for completion of CSPA and LEP data charts are located on the CSPA and LEP Data Chart Instructions link below.

For additional information, contact the DCF Equal Opportunity Officer by email or by phone at 608-422-6889 or the Wisconsin Relay Service (WRS) - 711.