Safety Planning Guide for Natural Supports


Natural supports are integral to keeping children in their homes and in their communities. Children and families can be supported by many different people, regardless of biological connection. Including and supporting a family’s natural supports as part of local Child Protective Services (CPS) agency’s intervention is an essential component of our state’s vision of Putting Families First. One way to assist natural supports is to offer targeted training regarding their role in the CPS helping process and how they assist in keeping children safely with their families.

This resource helps provide information that is easily accessible. Input from various stakeholders, including those with lived experience. Feedback allowed this resource to specifically target the most important questions natural supports may have. This resource is available to view online via a QR code and is organized by subject into four separate chapters. It was created with the intention that natural supports could view the content efficiently on any device and skip around to whichever subjects they want to learn more about at their convenience. The training materials are also available to print for those who prefer and/or do not have access to necessary technology. 


  • One Page Info-Graphic - Available to support CPS professionals when presenting this resource to Natural Supports.
  • Printable QR-Cards - Print and cut out these cards to provide Natural Supports with the URL and QR code for easy access to the resource. 
  • Link to the Training - Access to the full training, as well as a printable version of the training materials.