Wisconsin Child Welfare Model for Practice

Wisconsin Model for Practice Map

The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Wisconsin County Human Services Association (WCHSA) are pleased to share with you the updated “Wisconsin Child Welfare Model for Practice”. The development of the updated model for practice was a collaborative effort between DCF, WCHSA, county child welfare agencies, and other stakeholders in 2015-16. The effort to revise the child welfare model for practice was initiated in response to the concerns that the previous Child Welfare Practice Model, developed in 2011, had become outdated and had never been fully integrated into our child welfare system.

Wisconsin’s Model for Practice is the compass which informs the development of the standards, codes and regulations that direct our work and guide our decision-making at the state and county level. We have also developed an initial implementation guide with suggested approaches for its use. We will continue to develop additional organizational implementation guides in the upcoming months. DCF has begun to implement the Model for Practice at the state level by utilizing it to guide review, development and improvement of any new state standards, policies, and programs. We will implement it into the training provided through the Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System and share it with our legal, court, and provider community partners.

We hope you find this model for practice useful in your work with families, colleagues, and other stakeholders and that it helps guide your work to improve outcomes for the children and families of Wisconsin who touch our system.