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Modifying a Child Support Order

A legal change of a child support order is called a modification. A change could increase or decrease the amount of the support order. It could also add or modify the order to provide medical support.

An order could be changed if a review finds that:

  • The order does not follow the Percentage of Income guidelines
  • The order does not include medical support
  • The change in child support would be $50 or more a month (higher or lower)

How an order is changed:

  • If the child support agency does the review and finds that a change is necessary, they might draft a legal agreement, known as a stipulation, and ask both parents to sign it. The legal agreement will take effect when the court approves it.
  • If both parents agree to change the amount of support, they may use the Office of State Court's online form, FA-604 - Stipulation and Order to Amend Judgment for Support. This can be done at the child support agency, or the parents can complete the form on their own and submit it to the child support agency.
  • If a parent does not agree to the stipulation, the child support agency may ask the court to change the order.
  • If the court reviews the order, the court will decide whether or not to change it.