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Questions Parent ask about Income Withholding


Why can't I just write the checks myself?

Wisconsin law requires income withholding. Generally, only self-employed parents do not use income withholding. Those who are self-employed might need to arrange for automatic payments of support from a bank account.

My employer is not happy about the income withholding because it creates more paperwork. I am worried about losing my job.

Under the law, your employer may not fire you because of income withholding. If you can show that income withholding causes you irreparable harm, you may ask the court for another payment option. Your request to the court must be made within 10 days of the income withholding notice being mailed to you.

What happens if there is a mistake in income withholding? What if the employer takes too much money or doesn't send any money in to the Trust Fund?

If the amount withheld does not match the amount on your income withholding notice, you should contact your employer. You are responsible for your court ordered child support, even if your employer fails to withhold child support, withholds the wrong amount, or does not send the support to the Trust Fund. Employers are required to send withheld support to the Trust Fund within five days of the withholding. An employer who withholds support but does not send the money to the Trust Fund can be found in contempt of court. You should regularly check your payment/account information to make sure your payments are sent to the Trust Fund.

I work two jobs. Will both employers withhold child support?

They may or may not. The total amount of support that is withheld during a month should equal the amount stated on your income withholding notice whether one or both of your employers withhold support.