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Federal Enforcement Actions

The Wisconsin Child Support program reports the amount of unpaid support for its cases to federal offices. When a parent does not pay his or her child support, that parent cannot receive certain services from the federal government. The following actions are taken without a court hearing.

Denial of Loans & Grants

When the past-due amounts reach a certain level, the parent will not be able to receive some college grants or small business loans. Setting up and following a payment plan may help the parent get a loan or grant.

Denial of a Passport

The U.S. State Department will not issue or renew a passport if a parent was ever certified for tax intercept with a debt of $2,500 or more and has not paid the debt in full. The debt includes all unpaid support and interest.

If the State Department denies your passport, contact your local child support agency. With very few exceptions, you will be expected to pay the full amount owed before your passport will be granted or renewed. The exceptions are:

  1. A mistake in identity or mistake of fact - If you are not the person certified for tax intercept or you do not owe past-due support.
  2. A matter of life or death involving someone in your immediate family. Examples are imminent death or funeral, serious illness, or a dangerous operation. You must give the child support agency a letter from a doctor or the Red Cross to verify the life or death matter.

Payments must be made by money order or a cashier's check.

Additional Information from the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement: