Ongoing: How we Help Build Safe, Stable Homes for Children

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The Ongoing stage is where services are provided based on the initial assessment and conversations with the family. Services may vary based on the needs, strengths and goals of the family. Child welfare professionals will work with the family to establish goals that achieve measurable outcomes and build a safe, stable home for children. 

What can I expect in this process?

A child welfare professional will sit down with you to:

  • Develop measurable goals to enhance your protective capacity 
  • Confirm any specific needs and strengths and how those will be addressed
  • Identify change strategies to assist you in achieving stability and safe case closure 
  • Find culturally appropriate services and activities that are easily accessible and meet your needs 
  • Involve non-custodial or absent parents and relatives as resources for children

Using this information. the child welfare professional will develop the safety/protective plan and share it with you for your review and agreement.

How will this impact my family life?

The level of involvement, frequency of contact, and types of services depend on variety of factors, including:

  • The needs of your child and family
  • Results of the assessment
  • The potential for further child maltreatment
  • What has been court-ordered
  • Evaluation of progress toward goals 

Can a safety / protective plan change?

Yes, a safety/protective plan can be changed based on new information or progress. For example, changes could be more or less of current services or the addition of a new service.

What happens when I meet all of the plan goals?

Your child welfare professional will talk with you about your progress and ensure your home is safe and stable. Prior to the case being closed, the child welfare professional will also sit down with you to help you determine how your family's needs will be met after agency involvement ends and the date of when ongoing services will end.  

It is important to note that no two child welfare cases are the same as family dynamics and stressors vary. While this page provides a high-level overview of the child welfare process, a child can be removed at any time if deemed unsafe. Additionally, when a child is safe, a case can be closed at any step of the process.