Procurement Commodity Code Help

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What is a Commodity Code?

The State of Wisconsin uses the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc. (NIGP) licensed commodity codes to uniformly identify the goods and services to be purchased by the state.

This code is an 11 digit number organized in segments as shown:

# # #        - # # -      # # # # # #
(Class)   (Subclass)     (Item)

The Class is the first 3 digits and identifies the broad category of the item. Class codes up to 899 are products, while codes 900 or over are services.

Within each Class are multiple Subclasses. The Subclass is identified by the 2 digits following the Class. The Subclass further distinguishes within that class.

Within each Subclass there can be innumerable Item codes. The Item would be the final 6 digits of the number. The Item would further distinguish within a subclass.

When selecting which commodity codes to register, vendors should select all appropriate Class and Subclass codes they can provide. It is not required to identify codes to the Item level of detail.

Need Help Picking a Commodity Code?

DCF Procurement has created a spread sheet containing all of the available NIGP commodity codes sorted by Class. Classes that DCF is most likely to use are highlighted in yellow. When you find the Class you wish to use, click the + symbol to the left of the screen and that Class will expand to display the Subclasses available. Subclasses that DCF is most likely to use are also highlighted in yellow. You are not limited to only highlighted commodity codes. Vendornet should be able to accommodate any Class/Subclass listed. Vendors are recommended to identify all codes that they can provide.

DCF Commonly Used Commodity Codes