Consilience Group, LLC 

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Consilience Group, LLC is a mission-driven systems transformation firm committed to the physical, social, and economic well-being of all people and communities. Working within and across sectors, systems, and organizations, Consilience Group’s expertise is in developing comprehensive, accountable and action-oriented strategic plans to align and integrate policy and practices for equitable people-centered services.

Among its professional services, Consilience Group offers stakeholder communications and engagement support; participatory and collaborative planning workshops; and collaborative governance design. Its professional staff has expertise in developing results-based performance management frameworks and actionable accountable workplans.  

PDG funds are being used to support the strategic planning efforts, including:

  • Contracting with Consilience Group for leadership of the process
  • Developing a project plan for creating the strategic plan
  • Engaging with stakeholders, including the Early Childhood Advisory Council and those with lived experience across all Wisconsin regions and demographic groups
  • Identifying the mission, vision, core values, goals, outcomes, and strategies
  • Defining how to measure progress toward identified goals and outcomes

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