Wisconsin Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board

The Wisconsin Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board is committed to mobilizing research and practices that prevent child abuse and neglect in Wisconsin. The Prevention Board’s work includes providing statewide leadership and expertise on best practices in child maltreatment prevention and advancing policies related to family support and child maltreatment prevention. The Prevention Board funds local and statewide child maltreatment prevention efforts, provides education on strengthening families and child maltreatment prevention, and promotes public awareness that build on family strengths and reduce the likelihood of child maltreatment. Five for Families is a statewide public awareness campaign that the Prevention Board developed as a universal prevention strategy. The primary goal of this campaign is to increase knowledge of the Protective Factors Framework.

The Prevention Board’s work in primary prevention and moving forward with strengthening the Family Resource Center Network is foundational to improving community conditions to strengthen families,” said Michael Bloedorn, Celebrate Children Foundation Chair.

Family Resource Centers (FRCs) are community-based, flexible, family-focused, and culturally sensitive hubs that provide access to resources, programs, and targeted services based on the needs and interests of families. The FRCs across Wisconsin provide parents and caregivers with parent education, tools, and strategies around healthy child development, and they can also provide invaluable information and navigation for community resources. The PDG funds will help FRCs provide effective, quality child maltreatment primary prevention services to families of children birth to five years and promote their well‐being.

PDG funds were used to:

  • Develop infrastructure and networking support to FRCs
  • Build standards and an accreditation process for FRCs
  • Expand Family Strengthening Continuum Training and Technical Assistance for FRC staff

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