A photo of Brenda Schumacher

Brenda Schumacher

Brenda is Two-year-old Teacher at Willows Christian Child Care Center in Iron Ridge. She's also a Pyramid Model Internal Coach, a Children and Teacher Schedule Coordinator, and Teacher Mentor.

The field of Early Childhood education is my career, not just a job. I work with children and families at the beginning of their educational journeys, providing them high quality care in every aspect of my day. My main focus is finding ways children can pursue their interests through play, while integrating important educational skills and supporting their social emotional needs along the way. I want them to have ownership of their learning at a young age, and give them many tools to help them succeed.

My proudest achievements through my 26 years of early childhood education have to be:

  • Becoming a teacher mentor
  • Implementing the Wisconsin Pyramid model framework into our center

The most important thing I believe that needs to change in the early childhood field is the importance of teachers be recognized as Teachers and getting paid what they are worth. We make a difference in children’s and families’ lives and we are essential!