Robert Pries and his ECE classroom

Robert Pries

Robert is the Owner/Administrator of You are My Sunshine Daycare Center in Green Bay

My wife and I own and operate our center together. I didn’t always work with my wife, but since I left my previous career and joined her in this business; I’ve witnessed the tremendous impact early educators have on these kiddos, and I’m happy that I get to be a part of that. 

My role at the center is the administrator, while also responsible for the center’s school transportation, purchase and preparation of food and meals, and facility maintenance. I am most proud of our ability to interact with and be a positive impact for so many children. I would like to see more partner opportunities for Wisconsin school districts and the early care centers within those districts. Unique off-site 3K and 4K classes can create additional capacity options for their elementary schools, allowing more children to have early learning opportunities that may not currently exist.