A photo of Sue Matson alongside kids

Sue Matson

Sue is a school-age lead teacher and child care teacher at Parkside Preschool Center in Merrill.

As a school-age lead, I plan curriculum each week, based on goals unique to each child in my classroom, and quarterly assess the progress of each child's development.  As a childcare teacher in the preschool classrooms, I assist the teachers in implementing their curriculum plans, making it possible to provide a quality environment conducive to learning and development. My goal as an Early Childhood Educator is to have each child feel confident, special, safe, and loved every day.

Children are our future! I am happy to have a positive influence on their development and the choices they will make later in their lives. I believe my personal approach to interacting with children is something to be proud of as well; realizing every child is unique and special in their own way, I adapt my responses to every individual accordingly.

As I look back over the past three decades, I see major changes in the amount of curriculum and assessment paperwork a teacher must do, which ultimately takes her away from spending more time in the classroom directly with the children. I'd love to see less paperwork.