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Megan Ederer

Co-Teacher in the infant/toddler program at Woods Hollow Children's Center

I have worked in early education for almost five years and am currently a Co-Teacher in the infant/toddler program at Woods Hollow Children's Center.

I started babysitting and nannying when I was in my teens. I went to school for eight years to study early childhood and elementary education. I started at Madison College and then transferred to UW-Whitewater. During my time at UW-Whitewater, I even had the opportunity to go abroad to South America for two months. I pursued higher education because of my drive to be knowledgeable and understand the concepts of teaching multiple ages and the needs of children. The education field is always changing. My work experience in ECE started at Head Start for Madison, then Head Start for Sauk County, and now I have joined Woods Hollow.

I was motivated to go into the early care and education field because of the reward and knowledge that I can make a difference in the early stages of each child's development. I can be hands-on and active in my job, but also be creative in activities to meet each child's needs and have fun with them. Even with being in the education field for five years, I am still learning!

The work I do to serve children is through care, play, physical, cognitive, and social-emotional activities that foster growth and build relationships with children and families. Some of the organizations I am proud to have been a part of include:

  • Cub Scouts of America, where boys and girls grow and learn to be their very best future selves.
  • Madison College Aquatics for teaching swim lessons from ages 1-8 years old.

I am most proud of the relationships I build with children, families, and the employees I work with at Woods Hollow. They are truly the highlight of the work I do to help others succeed, no matter what challenges each day may bring. It takes more than one person to be a strong team. Woods Hollow is a strong unit and a family that has unique strengths to create a well-rounded team that educates and serves the community.

I would like to see a continued push for the appreciation of early care and education in general. But also, for the understanding that early childhood and education teachers are widening their education more every year to help children grow and learn to the ever-changing demands of developmental needs.

I know I make a difference!