photo of Kim Amundson smiling

Kim Amundson

Lead teacher for the one-year-old classroom at the UW-La Crosse Campus Child Center 

I have been the lead teacher of the one-year-old group at the UW-La Crosse Campus Child Center since July of 1997 and just finished my 24th year of teaching here. I have been caring for children since I was ten years old. I started working professionally with children in 1988 and as a lead teacher in 1993. Overall, I have dedicated 43 years of my life to early childhood, caring for young children has been something I have always loved to do! I am most proud of the relationships I form with the children in my care and their families. I am also proud of my long-term dedication to the field of early childhood, particularly in the infant and toddler age range.

I set up my classroom as a constantly changing learning environment to enrich each child's individual interests and unique development, which I carefully consider in my curriculum planning. My classroom is a place for children to safely explore, learn and develop. I am also a board member of the Great Rivers Chapter of WECA and have been the treasurer for several years. I enjoy presenting workshops about infant and toddler care to my peers in the early childhood field and helping plan our chapter's Super Saturday conference.

Most people don't know how much early childhood education has changed over the years and how much it continues to change. Early childhood educators require yearly continuing education training. Teachers must adapt constantly to changing rules and regulations to stay current in the field. This past year has really challenged us to think outside the box and come up with new ideas in our classrooms to keep children safe and healthy. I would like to see more recognition and appreciation for the importance of early childhood educators which includes quality pay changes. Our field is so essential. Hopefully the recognition seen during the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to grow in the future.