1.4.4  Determining Eligibility and Making a W-2 Placement

Within seven working days after the interview appointment the FEP must:

1.     Determine W-2 eligibility, and

2.     Assign the most appropriate W-2 placement for eligible applicants.

W-2 eligibility is determined using all financial and nonfinancial eligibility criteria. (See Chapter 2 and Chapter 3) When the applicant needs additional time to gather verification, the eligibility process may be extended up to 30 days from the date the agency receives the signed Application Registration form. (See 4.1.3)

Two activities may be assigned by the RS or the FEP as a condition of eligibility when appropriate:

·        Up-front job search activities (See 2.9.2), and

·        The requirement to apply for other appropriate public assistance programs. (See 2.6.1)

To make the most appropriate placement decision, the FEP, with the applicant, must discuss and review the:

·        Informal assessment results (see 5.2);

·        Educational Needs Assessment results (see 5.3);

·        Career Assessments results (see 5.4);

·        Progress made in up-front job search, if assigned (See 2.9.2); and

·         Any Vocational Evaluation/Assessment or formal assessment results from the application process (See  5.1.1).

The FEP must make a placement determination within 12 working days after the date the agency receives the signed Application Registration form (five days to meet with the FEP and seven days for the FEP to make an eligibility determination and placement).

The placement determination time frame must not be extended to accommodate a longer job search, and the up-front job search requirement must not be used to delay an eligibility determination or placement. (See



History: Release 24-01; Release 19-07; Release 19-02; Release 17-01; Release 13-02.