4.1.3  Requesting Verification from W-2 Participants

Whenever possible, the FEP should attempt to verify eligibility information via CARES, data exchange and ECF. If that is not possible, the applicant or participant is responsible for obtaining verification of information that is necessary and appropriate in order for the W-2 agency to make a correct eligibility decision.  The applicant or participant has seven working days from the date the verification request is made to provide the needed verification. W-2 agencies must inform the applicant or participant in writing of the verification items required, including due date.

If extenuating circumstances exist that make the verification requirements unduly burdensome or the verification submitted by the individual is questionable or contradictory, the W-2 agency may extend the verification due date.  For applicants, the verification due date may be extended up to 30 days from the date the agency receives a signed Application Registration form. (See 1.4.2 and 1.4.4)  For participants, the verification due date may be extended up to 30 days from the date of the initial request for verification.

If the individual has made a reasonable effort and cannot obtain required verification, does not have the power to produce verification, or requires assistance to do so, the W-2 agency must assist the individual.  If the agency is unable to assist, the FEP must not deny an application or close a case based on the information that could not be obtained.  The agency must use the available information to process the case and then reassess the case when the agency receives the requested information.

W-2 agencies have seven working days from the date they receive it to process verification.

If the applicant or participant is able to produce the information, but refuses or fails to do so, he or she is not eligible and the W-2 agency must deny the application or close the case. 

Agencies must refer questionable verification or reporting supplied by applicants or participants for fraud investigation. (See 13.3.1)



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