5.2.1  Informal Assessment

Informal assessment is an ongoing case management practice, which starts during the W-2 application period and continues until the individual no longer receives W-2 services. A comprehensive informal assessment via the WWP Informal Assessment Driver Flow must be completed and submitted prior to initial W-2 placement and at each placement change.

The purpose of the informal assessment process under W-2 is to gather information about an individual and his or her family to determine the:

·        Individual's ability to become employed and remain employed;

·        Services and activities necessary for the individual to become employed and remain employed;

·        Appropriate placement of a participant;

·        Need for further career assessment and planning;

·        Need for vocational evaluation/assessment;

·        Existence of potential disabilities or other specific limitations;  and

·        Need for a formal assessment of any disabilities or other employment barriers by a qualified assessing agency or individual.

Multiple approaches to informal assessment are generally used based on individual needs. Additional approaches to conducting informal assessment may include:

·        Paper and pencil tools designed by the W-2 agency;

·        Automated screening and assessment tools available within the W-2 agency;

·        Information gathered through case management meetings;

·        Worksite performance evaluations;

·        Goal setting exercises/tools (e.g., where do you want to be in six months? Two years?, etc.); and

·        Experience with following through on job search and other assigned activities.



History: Release 22-05; Release 19-02.