2.6.1  Accessing Other Public Assistance Programs/Resources

A W-2 applicant or participant may be required, as determined by the FEP, to apply for and accept other public assistance programs or resources that may be available, prior to being determined eligible for W-2 services or during W-2 participation.  Other sources of public assistance or resources may include, but are not limited to:

·        Unemployment Insurance;

·        Worker’s Compensation;

·        Child Support;

·        Social Security Survivor Benefits; and

·        Veterans benefits.

The requirement to apply for these other public assistance programs or resources must be provided to the applicant or participant in writing.  The written notification must include a due date by which the individual must apply for the program or resource.  The written notification must also state that the individual may be ineligible for W-2 or a JAL if they refuse to apply for or refuse to accept other public assistance programs or resources.

The W-2 agency may also encourage the applicant or participant to access, on a voluntary basis, other services which may help the applicant find employment. Examples of these services include WIOA programs and or DVR programs.   



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