17.2.1  Eligibility Criteria  JAL Eligibility for Minor Custodial Parents  JAL Eligibility for Noncustodial Parents  Additional JAL Eligibility Criteria for the Purchase or Repair of a Vehicle


In order to be determined potentially eligible for a JAL, an individual must meet the following criteria:

1.             Be a Custodial Parent (CP) (see 2.3.1 for adult CPs or for minor CPs) or

2.             Be a NCP (see;

3.             Meet all other W-2 nonfinancial and financial eligibility criteria as defined in W-2 Manual Chapters 2 and 3;

4.             Need the loan to address an immediate and discrete financial crisis that is not the result of the individual’s failure to accept a bona fide offer of employment or the individual’s termination of a job without good cause. The individual must be either:

·        Employed and need the loan to continue employment; or

·        Need the loan to obtain employment.

5.             Not be in default in the repayment of any current JAL or cash assistance overpayment recoupment;

6.             Not be a migrant worker; and

7.             Have an acceptable repayment plan as defined below:

·        The W-2 agency has completed a budget with the applicant which demonstrates the applicant’s ability to repay the loan in cash within the agreed upon repayment timeframe making regular monthly payments.

·        The W-2 agency works with the applicant to develop an agreed upon repayment plan which may include in-kind community service work. At least 25% of the loan must be repaid in cash.

·        The initial repayment period may be up to 12 months and may be extended to 24 months at the time of repayment renegotiation.

·        No outstanding balance due can exceed $1,600 in any 12 month period for any one loan recipient.

JAL applicants meeting these eligibility criteria are not entitled to a loan, but may be approved for a loan as long as funding is available. JAL Eligibility for Minor Custodial Parents

If the JAL applicant is a minor custodial parent, the minor parent must:

1.             Turn 18 years of age within two months of applying for the JAL;

2.             Live in one of the following supervised, alternative living arrangements:

a.             Kinship care;

b.             Foster home;

c.              Group home; or

d.             An adult supervised independent living arrangement approved by the W-2 agency; and

3.             Have a high school diploma or its equivalent. JAL Eligibility for Noncustodial Parents

In order for a NCP of a dependent child to be eligible for a JAL, the NCP must be subject to a child support order and the custodial parent of the dependent child must be:

1.             In a W-2 placement (paid or unpaid);

2.             Receiving Wisconsin Shares child care assistance;  or

3.             Receiving FoodShare Additional JAL Eligibility Criteria for the Purchase or Repair of a Vehicle

For a JAL requested for the purchase or repair of a vehicle, the applicant must provide:  

1.             Proof of a current and valid driver’s license. The FEP  must search the State of Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s status check webpage to verify that an applicant’s driver’s license is current and valid. The FEP must print a copy of the documentation to scan into the ECF  with code VI.

2.             Proof of motor vehicle insurance. The FEP must pend JAL eligibility until an applicant provides a minimum of two quotes for motor vehicle liability insurance. Upon receipt of the quotes, the FEP may confirm eligibility but must not disburse the check until the JAL recipient furnishes proof of motor vehicle liability insurance. Pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 344.62, proof of motor vehicle insurance may be in print or electronic format.

3.             If the JAL applicant is on probation, parole, or extended supervision, proof of permission from the supervising officer allowing the individual to purchase a vehicle. If applicable, the FEP must require written permission from an applicant’s probation, parole, or extended supervision agent for a JAL to purchase a vehicle. A note on Department of Corrections letterhead or an e-mail sent via the state e-mail system to the FEP by a probation, parole, or extended supervision agent is allowed as documentation.

Proof of a valid driver’s license, proof of motor vehicle liability insurance, and any documents that provide permission from a supervising officer allowing the individual to purchase a vehicle must be scanned into ECF with code VI. (See 4.1.2 )



History: Release 24-04:Release 18-03; Release 14-01.