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11.4.1  Noncooperation with W-2 Program Requirements

A FEP must close a case when a participant fails to cooperate with specific W-2 program requirements without good cause.  The specific cooperation requirements are:

1.     A W-2 participant may be required to search for unsubsidized employment throughout his or her participation in a W-2 employment position.  (See 2.9.1)

2.     A W-2 participant may be required, as determined by the FEP, to apply for and accept other public assistance programs or resources that may be available, prior to being determined eligible for W-2 services or during W-2 participation.  (See 2.6.1)

3.     A W-2 participant may be required to verify certain eligibility information.  Participants have 7 working days from the date of the verification request to provide the needed verification.  (See 4.1.3)

4.     If an EP review does not occur before the date the EP is set to expire because the participant fails to keep an EP review appointment without good cause.

5.     W-2 participants are required to report changes in circumstances that may affect eligibility within 10 calendar days after the change occurs, except for temporary absence of a child which must be reported within 5 working days.  (See 2.8.1)

6.     The FEP and the participant have not had any contact for at least 30 consecutive calendar days and the FEP has made repeated and varied attempts to contact the participant at the participant’s home, assigned worksite or the location of any other assigned activities.  “Repeated” attempts means the FEP or another W-2 agency representative must make weekly attempts, at least.  “Varied” attempts means a combination of attempts to contact, such as worksite visits, home visits, phone calls, letters, etc.

For policies regarding noncooperation with paternity establishment and child support enforcement services, see 15.3.2.



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