Chapter 1 - Program Eligibility
Chapter 2 - Authorizations
    2.1 Wisconsin Shares Child Care Providers
    2.2 Child Care Provider Prices
    2.3 Wisconsin Shares Authorizations
    2.4 Authorization Assessment
       2.4 Authorization Assessment
       2.4.1 Authorization Comments
       2.4.2 When to do an Authorization Assessment
       2.4.3 Approved Activity Schedules
          2.4.3 Approved Activity Schedules
 Correlation Between Approved Activity Verification and Schedule
 Authorizing for Gaps Between Approved Activities
 New Employment with a Varying Schedule / On-Call Employment
 Authorizations During an Approved Activity Search Period
 Authorizations During a Temporary Break Period
 Authorizations for New Self-Employment
 Authorizations for Ongoing Self-Employment
 Self-Employed Foster Parents
 Two-Parent and Three-Generation Families with a Teen Parent
 Sleep Hours for Third Shift Employment
 Travel Time
       2.4.4 Child Care Need Schedule
       2.4.5 Subsidy Maximum Rates
       2.4.6 Full and Part-Time Prices and Part-Time Authorizations
       2.4.7 Override Provider Price
       2.4.8 Maximum of 75 Authorized Hours Per Week
       2.4.9 Changing and Ending an Authorization Mid-Month
       2.4.10 Provider Closure Policy
       2.4.11 Excessive Unexplained Absences
       2.4.12 Authorizations and Case Transfers
    2.5 Subsidy Payments
    2.6 Parent Share
    2.7 Authorization Correspondence
Chapter 3 - MyWIChildCare EBT Cards
Chapter 4 - Program Integrity
Two-Week Notice Template
Six-Week Notice Template
Contact Information