Chapter 1 - Program Eligibility
Chapter 2 - Authorizations
Chapter 3 - MyWIChildCare EBT Cards
    Chapter 3 - Purpose
    3.1 MyWIChildCare Overview
    3.2 MyWIChildCare EBT Card
    3.3 Payment Procedures
    3.4 Provider EBT Information
       3.4 Provider EBT Information
       3.4.1 Provider Requirements to Participate
       3.4.2 Provider Payment Procedures
          3.4.2 Provider Payment Procedures
 FIS Agreement
    FIS Agreement
    Checking Accounts
 Obtaining a Point of Sales (POS) Terminal
 Prior to First Payment
 MyWIChildCare EBT Payments for Providers
 YoungStar Quality Adjustments
 Reviewing Deposits
 Overpayments by Parent to Provider
       3.4.3 Provider Responsibilities
       3.4.4 Provider Inappropriate Use of Funds
Chapter 4 - Program Integrity
Two-Week Notice Template
Six-Week Notice Template
Contact Information