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16.2.3  Enrollment Verification

The FEP must verify enrollment for each child subject to Learnfare and determine if the child is mandatory for Learnfare case management:

Verification of school enrollment status may be in any form determined effective and efficient by the W-2 agency including documentation provided by or through the school. The W-2 participant has seven working days from the date of the verification request to provide the verification. The verification due date may be extended up to 30 days from the initial request for W-2 services under extenuating circumstances. (See 4.1.3)

The W-2 participant has the primary responsibility for providing the verification. The FEP may assist in obtaining needed documents to expedite the verification process. If the family does not have the power to produce the verification, or requires assistance to do so, the FEP must proceed immediately to seek the verification. (See 4.1.3)

Any instance where a parent refuses to provide verification of school enrollment status will make the W-2 Group ineligible for a W-2 employment position.

While school is in session, the FEP must verify enrollment in the current semester only. When school is not in session, the FEP must verify enrollment for the immediately preceding semester. When making a determination as to whether a child is a returning dropout, the FEP must review information from both the current and immediately preceding semesters. To determine if a child is a habitual truant, the FEP must review school attendance in the current semester only, unless no more than four weeks have passed since the current semester starts.




Page Last Updated:  06/27/16
Policy Effective Date:  06/25/16