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15.3.1  Cooperation with the CSA

The CSA determines whether or not a parent is cooperating with the CSA for:

In order to be eligible for W-2 services or a JAL, all parents in the W-2 Group must fully cooperate with the CSA in relation to all children for whom the parent is a custodial parent or a noncustodial parent.  Note:  A parent can be both a custodial parent and a noncustodial parent if the parent does not have custody of all of his or her children.  

A custodial parent must cooperate with the CSA by:

The CSA must conclude a custodial parent is cooperative if the custodial parent has signed an affidavit attesting to full cooperation and there is no substantial independent evidence or verifiable information that suggests the custodial parent is not cooperating.  The W-2 agency must consider a parent to be cooperative with child support if there is an open child support case for the child in question and there is no indicator of noncooperation from the CSA.   

An NCP must cooperate with the CSA by:

Once W-2 eligibility is determined, child support cooperation must continue in order for the W-2 Group to maintain eligibility unless there is a current exemption or good cause for noncooperation.




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