15.1.1  Assignment of Child Support Payments

As a condition of eligibility, all parents in the W-2 Group are required by law to assign to the state all child support payments paid or accrued while the W-2 Group is in one of the following placements:

·        W-2 T;

·        CSJ; or

·        CMC placement when the individual in a CMC placement previously received AFDC, W-2, or CTS payments.  If an individual currently in a CMC placement did not previously receive AFDC, W-2 T, CSJ, or CTS, child support is not assigned during the CMC placement.

The “assignment” of support means that child support collections can be retained by the state to pay back some or all of the federal and state costs of the cash assistance paid to W-2 participants.  Not all of the child support collected is retained by the state.  



History: Release 12-01.