11.5.1 Case Closures for Noncooperation

11.5.1 Noncooperation with W-2 Program Requirements Determining the Date of Noncooperation


11.5.1 Noncooperation with W-2 Program Requirements

A FEP must close a case when a participant fails to cooperate with specific W-2 program requirements without good cause.

W-2 participants must cooperate with the following requirements:

  1. Complete unsubsidized employment search as assigned on the EP while in a W-2 employment position. (See 2.9.1)

  2. Apply for and accept other available public assistance or resources as determined by the FEP. The FEP may require this of the participant prior to being determined eligible for W-2 services or during W-2 program participation. (See 2.6.1)

  3. Complete an EP review appointment prior to the date the EP expires.

a       Note: If the participant has good cause for missing the appointment, the case cannot be closed.

  1. Stay in contact with the FEP at least once every 30 consecutive calendar days.

a       Prior to closing the case, the FEP must make repeated and varied attempts to contact the participant.

i          “Repeated” attempts means the FEP or another W-2 agency representative must, at a minimum, make weekly attempts.

ii        “Varied” attempts means a combination of attempts to contact, such as worksite visits, home visits, phone calls, letters, e-mail, etc.

See 15.3.2 for policies regarding noncooperation with paternity establishment and child support enforcement services. Determining the Date of Noncooperation

The date of noncooperation is the date, determined by the W-2 agency, on which the participant was expected to cooperate with the requirements of the W-2 program.


EXAMPLE 1: A participant’s EP review is scheduled for March 17 and the participant did not show for the appointment. Without good cause, the date of noncooperation is March 17.


EXAMPLE 2: The last date of contact the W-2 agency had with a participant was July 1. The FEP is unable to contact the participant after 30 calendar days of repeated and varied contact attempts. The date of noncooperation is July 31.



History: Release 24-07; Release 18-04; Release 11-04; Release 11-01.