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7.3.3  W-2 Agency Requirements  Wage Subsidy  Employer Agreement  Verification of Time Records  Wage Subsidy


The W-2 agency must negotiate an agreement with an employer to pay a wage subsidy that is no more than the state or federal minimum wage ($7.25) for each hour worked, up to a maximum of 40 hours per week. The W-2 agency may negotiate with an employer to pay a wage subsidy that is less than $7.25 per hour, if the employer is willing to accept a wage subsidy that is less than $7.25 per hour.

The W-2 agency may not pay a wage subsidy to an employer for a period when no wages are paid to a TEMP employee.  Employer Agreement


The W-2 agency must complete an agreement with a TEMP employer for every TEMP employee and use the Wisconsin Works Trial Employment Match Program – Employer Agreement form (5088). The W-2 agency must scan completed agreements into ECF for all TEMP participants.

The W-2 agency and employer must also complete the Wisconsin Works Work Training Provider/Employer Guidelines form (10792) for every training provider or employer at which a W-2 participant has been placed. (See 9.2.1)  Verification of Time Records


The W-2 agency must collect and verify timesheets for hours actually worked by a TEMP employee prior to making payments to an employer.

The W-2 agency must manually issue payments to an employer to cover wage subsidies paid monthly to a TEMP employer for each TEMP employee and accurately record wage subsidy payments on CARES screen WPSS.




Page Last Updated:  05/03/18
Policy Effective Date:  11/27/17