7.3.  Trial Employment Match Program (TEMP)

TEMP is a W-2 employment position that provides subsidized work for applicants or ongoing W-2 participants. An individual working in a TEMP job earns at least minimum wage, and the W-2 agency subsidizes all or a portion of the hourly wages paid to the individual by the employer.

A TEMP job can last for a maximum of six months with an opportunity for a three-month extension. (See A custodial parent may take part in more than one TEMP job, but may not exceed a total of 24 months of participation in TEMP. (See 7.3.6)

An NCP meeting eligibility for W-2 case management services (see 7.5.1) may take part in only one TEMP job, provided that the NCP has not exceeded the 24-month TEMP time limit.



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