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7.3.1  TEMP Participants Custodial Parent TEMP (TMP) Noncustodial Parent TEMP (TNP) Paired Custodial Parents and Noncustodial Parents (Dane County only)


The W-2 agency must utilize informal assessment results to identify W-2 participants who are capable of working and may be appropriate for TEMP (see 5.2 for more information on Informal Assessments). Custodial Parent TEMP (TMP)


The TMP placement is available to unemployed Custodial Parent (CP)s in a CSJ or W-2 T placement that demonstrate that they are unable to secure unsubsidized employment. Potential candidates must be able to participate in 25 or more hours per week of work training and education and training activities. Noncustodial Parent TEMP (TNP)


The TNP placement is available to noncustodial parents meeting eligibility for W-2 case management services under Paired Custodial Parents and Noncustodial Parents (Dane County only)


The W-2 agency will pair a CP in TEMP with an NCP in TEMP or an NCP receiving a stipend with a child in common, except that one parent does not reside in the same household. This paired selection is not to be confused with W-2 two-parent households where both parents are custodial parents (see 14.2.1) and only one parent can be placed in a W-2 position at any one time.


EXAMPLE: Maureen lives with her two-year-old daughter, Caitlin, and is participating in a CSJ. The FEP identifies Maureen as a good candidate for TMP and speaks with her about the benefits of NCP services in W-2. Maureen tells the NCP, Dorian, about W-2 services. Dorian lives with his aunt and is unemployed and unable to meet his child support obligations. He applies for W-2 and is found eligible. The FEP determines that Dorian is a good candidate for TNP.


When one parent relocates out of Dane County, the resident parent may continue in the TEMP job or continue to receive a stipend provided that at least one parent participated in TEMP at the time of relocation and as long as both the CP and the NCP continue to meet all financial and nonfinancial eligibility.

EXAMPLE: Maureen and Dorian are both participating in TEMP in Dane County. After three months, Dorian relocates to Washington County. Dorian’s TEMP job ends because he no longer resides in Dane County, and Maureen continues working in her TEMP job.




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Policy Effective Date:  11/10/16