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1.4.2  Applying For W-2 How to Initiate a W-2 Request


The W-2 application process begins on the date the applicant gives the agency the signed Application Registration form* generated from the CWW Print Application Registration page. Once the Receptionist begins the application process, then the agency must schedule an appointment for the applicant with the RS the same day or the following working day using Client Scheduling in CWW. See section 1.2.2 for more detail on the role of the RS.

The applicant may choose to take the Application Registration form home to review, but it is important for the Receptionist to explain that the application process cannot begin and the application date cannot be set until the agency receives the signed form.

Agencies must only use the paper Wisconsin Works (W-2) and Related Programs Registration form (14880) when:

1.             CWW is unavailable and the applicant cannot wait for availability to resume; or

2.             There is not sufficient time to generate the CWW Application Registration form before the W-2 agency closes to the public.

The W-2 agency must scan into the ECF the signed copy of the CWW-generated Application Registration form, or the paper registration form used if CWW was unavailable.

*Note: The Application Registration form is also referred to as the Request for Assistance (RFA). How to Initiate a W-2 Request

The W-2 agency initiates a W-2 request to generate the CWW Application Registration form by entering the W-2 request via the CWW Record New Group Level Program Request on the Case Summary page.

For detailed instructions on how to process W-2 requests, please see the Request for Assistance (RFA)/Case Processes for W-2 desk aid.




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