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7.6.1  W-2 Supportive Service Plan

The W-2 agency must offer assistance in developing a Supportive Service Plan with:

1.             Applicants who withdraw their W-2 applications prior to W-2 placement. In this circumstance, the Supportive Service Plan would generally be developed between the Resource Specialist and the applicant.

2.             Participants who are approved or denied a time limit extension.

3.             Participants who are placed in a case management placement, including: CMF, CMF+, CMU, CMD, CMJ, CMN, CMM, CMP, and TSP.

The Supportive Service Plan must be developed during a face-to-face meeting between the case manager and the applicant/participant using either:

1.             The automated W-2 Supportive Service Plan. This can be accessed from the W-2 Plans Application webpage; or

2.             The paper version of the W-2 Supportive Service Plan form (12956).

The automated plan cannot be accessed until after an applicant has been referred to CARES Work Programs. When developing a Supportive Service Plan with an applicant who withdraws his or her W-2 application prior to placement and no referral to CARES Work Programs was made, the worker must use a paper version of the plan.

If a case has been established in CARES, the worker must document in CARES case comments when the plan was printed and given to the individual. If the paper version of the Supportive Service Plan was used the worker must also scan the form into ECF.  

An applicant/participant may refuse the offer to develop a Supportive Service Plan. If this occurs, the refusal should be documented in CARES case comments.




Page Last Updated:  08/07/17
Policy Effective Date:  08/07/17