7.5.3  Case Management for Pregnant Women (CMP)

The Case Management for Pregnant Women (CMP) placement is for pregnant women who do not have custody of any children. These individuals may receive services through a case management pregnancy placement.  

For a pregnant woman to be eligible for a CMP placement, she:

·        Must have a medically verified pregnancy; and

·        Must meet all the financial and nonfinancial eligibility criteria (see Chapters 2 & 3), except that she is not the custodial parent of a dependent child.


EXAMPLE:  Shawna is five months pregnant and does not have custody of any children. Shawna's doctor provided medical verification of Shawna's pregnancy, and Shawna meets all W-2 financial and nonfinancial eligibility requirements except she is not the custodial parent of a dependent child. Shawna meets all of the CMP placement requirements.


The W-2 agency may provide the following services to individuals in a CMP placement:

·        Employment Search (ES);

·        Child Care Related Activities (CC); and

·        Other Case Management activities (See Appendix – Activity Codes for a full list).

Once the child is born, the participant may be eligible for the CMC placement. CMPs typically transition to the CMC placement after the birth of the child, if the woman has a medically verified at-risk pregnancy and also meets the ARP eligibility criteria, she may be eligible for case management services through a paid ARP placement. (See



History: Release 21-07.