3.2.2  Estimating Income Prospective Income Eligibility Estimating Monthly Income Prospective Income Eligibility

Available earned and unearned income is tested prospectively for W-2 eligibility. Prospective Income testing uses the best estimate of income and circumstances to determine what income will be received by the W-2 group each month. Estimating Monthly Income

To determine the best estimate of monthly earned income for individuals paid an hourly rate, and unearned income for the W-2 Group, a FEP must use the following table:


Payment Frequency


If paid weekly


(hourly rate) x (average hours per week) x (4.3 weeks per month)


(weekly amount) x (4.3 weeks per month)

If paid biweekly


(hourly rate) x (average hours biweekly) x (2.15 weeks per month)


(biweekly amount) x (2.15 weeks per month)

If paid monthly

Earned and Unearned:

monthly amount (this includes self-employment and other averaged income)

If paid twice monthly

Earned and Unearned:

(amount) x (2 times per month)


The FEP must not adjust the prospective income estimate due to missed work or an irregular increase in work hours. A W-2 Group must be prospectively ineligible for two consecutive months before the case closes.

The W-2 Group’s income affects eligibility only and does not affect the amount of the W-2 payment. The payment amount is determined solely by the employment position in which the adult is participating.





History: Release 23-07