Wisconsin Department of Children and Families - Division of Early Care and Education

Bureau of Early Care Regulation

Child Care Certification Policy Manual




3.1.1 - Complaints Requiring Immediate Attention

All complaints/incidents that suggest imminent danger may exist to the health, safety and welfare of children in care shall be responded to no later than the next day after the agency receives the complaint (see section 4).


Note: A “response” from the certification agency is an activity or action on the part of the agency. Depending on the nature of the complaint/incident the action could include a referral to another agency with jurisdiction or a site visit, for example.


When entering the complaint intake in WISCCRS the certification worker should indicate whether or not the complaint allegation requires immediate attention. The worker does this by checking the box “Requires Immediate Attention”.


Requires Immediate Attention


Click on the check box if the complaint/incident requires immediate attention and should be investigated immediately. This check box is used when the complaint/incident suggests imminent danger to the health, safety and welfare of the children in care.


In assessing the need for an immediate response, the certification worker should consider the following:



When the allegation(s) in the complaint or self-reported incident suggests imminent danger to the health, safety and welfare of the children in care, an immediate response by the certification agency is warranted. The following are examples of allegations that may warrant an immediate response:



Note: The examples above are not all-inclusive. The certification worker should consider the nature of the allegation(s), requirements, s.48.686 and the operator’s compliance history, and exercise discretion when making a determination how quickly the certification worker shall respond.



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