Wisconsin Department of Children and Families - Division of Early Care and Education

Bureau of Early Care Regulation

Child Care Certification Policy Manual




4.11 Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) Training

Training in child abuse and neglect (CAN) laws and identifying, documenting, and reporting child abuse and neglect is a new requirement effective 9/30/19. A person who completed a non-credit, department-approved course called the Introduction to the Child Care Profession will have met the child abuse and neglect training requirement. An individual who completed Darkness to Light or Strengthening Families training after 7/1/10 would have also met the CAN training requirement.


Additional CAN training options include, but are not limited to, the following:


If the CAN training is any form of independent learning that did not result in a certificate of completion, it is best practice to require using the Continuing Education Record - Independent Reading/Video Viewing form on the DCF website.


There is no hard edit in the WISCCRS system that will look for CAN training. However, if the pre-service training completed was anything other than the Introduction to the Child Care Profession, the CAN training should also be entered as “other” with a comment “CAN” to document the required training has been completed and verified by the certification worker.


This page last updated 01/2020.