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National Adoption Month: Helping children find a forever home

National Adoption Month

In 2016, nearly 700 children who were in out-of-home care were welcomed into safe and nurturing “forever homes” through public adoption. Yet, there are still many children who are waiting for the chance to be adopted. In recognition of the outstanding efforts of adoptive parents throughout Wisconsin and to bring awareness of the need to have more families open their hearts and homes to provide a forever family to children in need, Governor Walker has proclaimed November as Adoption Month.

Every child needs a family who will read them a bed time story, help them with their homework, take them for their driving test, and provide them with the support they need when they take that big step into their first college classroom.  Yet while thousands of children are adopted across the nation each year, there are still many babies and toddlers; school-aged youths, including teenagers; children with physical or developmental challenges; and, siblings longing to stay together, waiting for that special family to accept them into their lives through adoption.   

Through public adoption, families have the ability to change the life of child and make a positive impact in our communities. This month the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) will recognize six exceptional parents who have given children a permanent family to call their own at the 2017 Governor’s Outstanding Adoptive Parent Awards at the State Capitol on November 16. 

During November, and throughout the year, DCF is proud to celebrate adoptive parents and committed to drawing attention to the children who are waiting for parents to love.

To learn more about adoption, visit https://dcf.wisconsin.gov/adoption.

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