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  • Man and boys planting a tree
    International Youth Day 2015 on August 12 focuses on Youth Civic Engagement

    The United Nations has announced that International Youth Day this year is August 12. The theme surrounding 2015 activities is “Youth Civic Engagement,” to promote young people’s participation in public life, which is essential for human development.

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  • Work Today Graduates
    Transform Milwaukee Jobs: The Value of a Chance

    For most of us, the thought of being unable to find an opportunity to work and succeed in life is completely foreign. The idea that success will result from hard work and determination is, after all, the foundation of the American Dream.

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  • Stopping Child Care Fraud

    DCF does not tolerate fraud. Our work to find, fight and stop fraud has saved over $120 million in the Wisconsin Shares program. Read more about how DCF is protecting taxpayer dollars as we ensure programs serve the families of Wisconsin.

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  • Resource for Parents

    Do you know which child care providers have star power? With DCF's YoungStar website, accessing quality child care for working parents will be easier than ever! Together we can help Wisconsin's little stars shine bright!

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Office of Youth Services video focuses on employment training for youth

DCF’s Office of Youth Services (OYS) has a new web section on Employment, and includes a new video on employment training. Working with Tilt Media, OYS produced a “call to action” video to encourage employers to help foster youth and other vulnerable youth gain work experiences and build life skills. ““Justin’s Story” showcases DCF’s partnership with the “GPS Education Partners Program” to help in our efforts to prepare foster youth and other vulnerable teens for careers in the technical workforce.

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