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If you have a concern about something going on in a child care facility or you suspect child abuse, neglect or exploitation at a child care facility, please use the drop-down menu on the Tell Us How We Are Doing page to fill out the appropriate complaint form.

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Renewing Your YoungStar Contract

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Programs that are participating in YoungStar and have received a YoungStar rating will have some decisions to make as they continue to participate in the YoungStar program.

  • Approximately 120 days before the anniversary of an initial YoungStar rating, providers will receive a YoungStar Request for Off-Year Services application.  Although your program is not required to be rated and/or receive support services during this year, off-year services allow you to continue to receive support as you work toward continued quality improvement. Programs can choose to receive technical consultation and a micro-grant, a rating without consultation, or all three services. Access to professional development is available at any time and does not need to be requested on this application.
  • In two years, when you receive your YoungStar Contract Renewal in the mail, you will need to choose how you would like to participate in YoungStar. Once again, you will be able to choose the type of rating you want and if you want on-site technical assistance. 

In between ratings, you can find professional development opportunities offered in your area by visiting the YoungStar Training page. Participating in these opportunities.can help you progress on your continuous quality improvement journey.

Do not hesitate to contact your local YoungStar office if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to help!


How Does YoungStar Renewal Work?

Participation in YoungStar is required for all providers who want to receive Wisconsin Shares payments from enrolled families. Wisconsin Shares is the child care subsidy program for working families in Wisconsin. For all other providers, participation is voluntary. We revise the YoungStar quality indicators every other year. Please see the current year version of the Evaluation Criteria available now on the Point Detail and Evaluation Criteria webpage. Every other year providers will automatically be mailed a YoungStar contract renewal approximately 4 months before their anniversary month.

Providers that are already participating in YoungStar need to reapply every other year by the first day of their anniversary month. This is month you were given your first rating in YoungStar. So, if you received your first YoungStar rating on October 15, 2014, your anniversary month is October. Your ability to accept Wisconsin Shares payments is tied to your participation and rating in YoungStar, so be sure to submit your YoungStar Contract Renewal 30 days prior to your anniversary month to remain eligible to accept Wisconsin Shares payments from families. If you do not submit your YoungStar Contract Renewal 30 days prior to your anniversary month, parents of children in the Wisconsin Shares program will be notified that you have not returned the YoungStar Contract Renewal. This notification is meant to give the parents time to find alternative care if you decide not to continue participating in YoungStar. If the YoungStar Contract Renewal is still not received one week prior to your anniversary month, the parents will be notified that their authorizations to your program will end.

Where and When Will I Get a YoungStar Contract Renewal?

Every other year, providers will automatically be mailed a YoungStar Contract Renewal approximately four months before their anniversary month. Some of the information on the form will be filled out for you--please verify that the prefilled information is correct. The rest, you need to fill out. When you have completed the form, you will mail it to your local YoungStar office. The address for this office will be listed on the YoungStar Contract Renewal you receive in the mail.

Opposite of rating-years, providers will be mailed a YoungStar Request for Off-Year Services application.  Off-year services are optional and requests are not required to be submitted.

What if I Lose My YoungStar Contract Renewal or Never Receive One?

You should receive the YoungStar Contract Renewal every other year, approximately four months before your anniversary month. Allow a week to account for postal delays. Then, if you still don't have the YoungStar Contract Renewal, contact your local YoungStar office for a new form. YoungStar Contract Renewal forms are not available online.

What if I Want to be Rated More Frequently?

If you don't want to wait to be rated, you have the opportunity to receive ratings annually! Just choose option "B" on the YoungStar Request for Off-Year Services application that is sent automatically in between your YoungStar contract renewal years.  Programs that choose to be optionally rated during their "off-year" will receive a rating at least three (3) years in a row (on-year rating, off-year rating, on-year rating).