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Report Child Care Fraud

If you suspect Child Care Fraud, be a part of the solution. You may remain anonymous. Please fill out the Child Care Fraud Form, or email dcfmbchildcarefraud

Report a Child Care Concern or Complaint

If you have a concern about something going on in a child care facility or you suspect child abuse, neglect or exploitation at a child care facility, please use the drop-down menu on the Tell Us How We Are Doing page to fill out the appropriate complaint form.

YoungStar Five Year Plan

The Department of Children and Families received approval from the Joint Committee on Finance for a five-year sustainability plan that outlines YoungStar policy and implementation. Read about DCF's Five-Year Plan at each link below.


Continuous Improvement – YoungStar Validation Study

DCF contracted with Dr. Katherine Magnuson (UW-Madison), an expert in early childhood policy and programs, to conduct an independent study to “validate” the YoungStar rating scale. This validation study was designed to examine whether the YoungStar rating scale is working as intended and thus asks two main research questions:

  • Does the YoungStar rating scale accurately identify high-quality child care programs?
  • Are providers with higher YoungStar ratings better able to promote children's healthy development and learning?

To learn the answers to these questions, the validation study randomly selected approximately 160 child care providers (serving approximately 800 three- to five-year-olds) to participate in the study. Trained project staff twice assessed the development and learning of these 800 children - once in the fall of 2013 and once in the spring of 2014. The results of the study can be found here. With these results and additional analysis, we will be able to continuously improve and refine YoungStar based on research and data.