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Image of Native American father and daughter.Wisconsin Shares Rights and Responsibilities For Parents

As a parent participating in the Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy program, you have certain rights and responsibilities.





Parent Responsibilities

Notify your local child care agency within 10 days of any change required by Wisconsin Shares policy, including but not limited to:

  • A new home address
  • A change in income
  • A change in the size of your household 

Failure to report changes can result in an overpayment which must be paid back to Wisconsin Shares.

You are required to authorize your local child care agency worker to obtain information from third parties to verify your income, living circumstances, and need for child care.

You are responsible for paying your child care provider for any child care costs that are not paid by Wisconsin Shares.

Participants may have to pay back any Wisconsin Shares subsidy received in error, regardless of who made the error.

Verification Requirements

The following items are required to be verified for Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy:

  • Identities of all people in your child care case, including dates of birth
  • Wisconsin residency and home address
  • Marital status
  • Citizenship or immigration status of all children needing care
  • Social Security Number or SSN application for all children needing care
  • Income sources and amounts for everyone in your child care case
  • Approved activity for all parents and guardians
  • Placement of children

Verification Documentation

Below is a list of common documents that may help you meet verification requirements for the Wisconsin Shares program. This list is not all inclusive.

  • Government issued driver’s license, photo ID card, or passport
  • Social security number for children for whom subsidy is needed
  • Child’s birth certificate
  • A current utility bill
  • Unexpired immigration documents for children who need subsidy
  • The last 30 days of dated paycheck stubs
  • Proof of parent's school enrollment and class schedule 

Parent Rights

You have the right to:

  • Ask the agency worker to explain program requirements
  • Be treated with respect by agency staff
  • Have your information treated confidentially
  • Have your civil rights upheld
  • Request language or disability accommodations
  • Have your documents fairly and accurately evaluated
  • Get timely notice of any additional information or verification you need to provide, appointments for phone or in-person interviews, and any decisions on your case
  • Request a hearing if you disagree with any action of the agency

Program Violation Penalties

  • Intentionally falsifying, misleading, misrepresenting or withholding information, misusing child care subsidy, or intentionally violating state or federal child care laws may result in denied child care subsidy
  • Providing false or misleading information or omitting information in order to receive child care subsidy may result in criminal penalties

Wisconsin Shares child care subsidy has no cash value. Receiving cash back from a MyWIChildCare EBT card transaction is collusion and will be considered an intentional program violation.

Child Support Cooperation

Wisconsin Shares parents will be referred for child support cooperation services.

Parents must cooperate with the child support agency in establishing legal parentage for their child(ren) and in collecting child support from any absent parent.

See additional information regarding child support services.

Choosing a Provider

You are responsible for choosing a provider. The provider must be regulated as one of the following:

  • A licensed group child care center
  • A licensed family provider
  • A licensed day camp
  • A certified family provider
  • A child care program run by a public school

Providers must participate in YoungStar, Wisconsin’s child care quality rating and improvement system. Out-of-state providers and those providing care in the child’s own home must have a current, signed Wisconsin Shares Participation contract. 

Find a Child Care Provider

Click on the link below to search for a high-quality child care provider in your area:

YoungStar Child Care Provider Search


Disclaimer: None of these lists are guaranteed  to be complete; please refer to the Wisconsin Shares Policy Manual for complete information.