DCF Subsidized Employment Programs

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The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) is dedicated to helping everyone who wants to work find meaningful employment. To assist parents who have traditionally faced significant obstacles to finding jobs, DCF has designed several subsidized employment programs to help in the transition to unsubsidized, family-supporting careers. Find out if one of our subsidized programs is available in your area and is right for you.

Transform Milwaukee Jobs (TMJ)

The Transform Milwaukee Jobs Program was specifically designed to help parents and foster youth with barriers to employment. Most participants have little or no past job experience, are ex-offenders, or are non-custodial parents struggling to play a positive role in their children’s lives. One after another has talked about the sense of hopelessness of never being able to find work and prove that if only someone would hire them, that they would be a good employee.

Using the best practices learned from the Transitional Jobs Demonstration Project, TMJ pairs people in the program with local businesses looking to expand their workforce and willing to invest in worker coaching and training in exchange for the state subsidizing the employee's salary for up to six months or 1040 hours. It is a way for employers to hire additional staff without taking on much risk and for participants to gain the work experience and skills needed to find a steady, family-sustaining job.

Transitional Jobs (TJ)

The Transitional Jobs Program is an expansion of the Transform Milwaukee Jobs (TMJ) program that provides limited-term subsidized work to low-income adults. TJ is available in urban areas outside of Milwaukee with high unemployment rates, and in rural counties with the highest poverty rates. TJ is part of the Rural Poverty Initiative to address the challenges of rural communities by increasing access to social services and job opportunities.

In both urban and rural areas, workers are matched to subsidized jobs based on job field demands and on a full assessment of their skills, abilities, aptitudes and the job requirements.

The Trial Employment Match Program (TEMP)

The Trial Employment Match Program is for applicants or on-going W-2 participants who are not quite ready for unsubsidized employment but can succeed in a subsidized job with some assistance from the W-2 agency. A TEMP job can last for a maximum of six months with an opportunity for a three-month extension. A custodial parent may take part in more than one TEMP job, but may not exceed a total of 24 months of participation in TEMP. A noncustodial parent (NCP) meeting eligibility for W-2 case management services may take part in only one TEMP job, provided that the NCP has not exceeded the 24-month TEMP time limit.