RMS Sampling Method & Process

  1. The DCF RMS unit administers the RMS e-polling. County IM/CC staff will receive system generated RMS observation e-mails and must respond via the RMS website that is listed in the RMS e-mail.

  2. The sample observations will be generated at random by the DCF RMS system. REMEMBER – a computer selects the samples just prior to the beginning of each quarter. Once a sample set for the quarter has been created, it cannot be changed once the new quarter begins.

  3. Each RMS group will receive at least 3000 sample observations (via email) per quarter.

    • The average number of e-mails per worker will depend on the number of counties and employees in the particular RMS group.

    • Due to the random nature of the sample observations, a precise number of e-mails per worker cannot be predicted.

    • Individual workers may receive multiple e-mails over a relatively short time or not receive any over a period of time.

  4. Observations must be answered within 24 hours of the sample time.

    • If they are not, the sample will be manually closed out with coding for ‘not valid – no response from employee.’ Once an expired sample has been closed out, it can only be updated by the RMS administrator if the employee was on ‘leave’ or in program related training at the time of the sample.

    • If an employee was on ‘leave’ or in program related training at the exact time of the sample, then the employee or supervisor should ‘reply’ to the expired email and state that the samplee was on ‘leave’ or in program related training. If in training, they should note the program name(s). That email goes to a generic RMS inbox which is checked several times a day, is processed, and then responded to.

  5. A ‘sample results detail’ report is provided to DHS on a monthly basis for review. DHS may then contact any agency, employee, or supervisor regarding any of the sampled responses. If at any time a supervisor would like a copy of this report, they simply have to ask for it and one for that county will be provided.


April 10, 2015